Meet the Team


Jared Moore

Joint Editor-In-Chief at Quillstreak. Freelance Journalist studying at Newcastle University. Enjoys long romantic walks across the Mojave Wasteland followed by dinner with the Baker household. Once swiped right and killed a king.

Jordan Oloman

Joint Editor-In-Chief of Quillstreak. Geordie Archaeology graduate living vicariously through Nathan Drake. Loves old-school Adventure Games and anything made by Double Fine. Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp Wannabe. Words boy for IGN, seen at VG247, Playboy, Unwinnable and more

Features Editor

James McCoull

Features Editor for Quillstreak. Two-times Literature graduate and lifelong lover of fiction born and raised in the world of Sanctuary. Fanatically devoted to all things science fiction, especially cyberpunk. Will write for bionic enhancements.



Alan Jones

Ally Paige

Andrew Evans

Aron Gerencser

Ben Bayliss

Calum Trenaman

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Conor Clarke

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Georgina Howlett

Gerry Hart

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